Simone Hester

Simone Hester was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised on the far south side of the city.  She found an interest in art at an early age.  At the recommendation of her teachers, she began private art lessons.  There she developed a love for drawing and painting.  However, once given a digital camera, she combined her love for computers, photography and painting to develop her technique in Creative Digital Photography.  Simone hopes that she adds to the beauty of the subject matter by presenting it in an interesting and new way.  In her pieces she personally feels that she can get lost in the lines and shapes of the various subjects that she shoots.  The end result is her personal impression and feeling at the time that the work was created.  She hopes you find her work compelling and allows you to question the boundaries of a traditional photograph.

As a young girl, she truly fell in love with art after seeing Vincent Van Gogh's “Starry Night.”  It is also her firm belief that is when she fell in love with shapes in art.  Simone loved the fact that the painting was not a direct replica of a village; Van Gogh stretched beyond the typical boundaries of oil painting and created something new.  His work gave her the confidence that one day she could create something just like that.  Simone is particularly drawn to two subjects:  architecture and nature.  The reason she is pulled towards these specific subjects is simply because of the shapes.  She absolutely loves the shapes of things, whether it is the bend of a tree branch or the slope of a building.  Her work differs from other photographers because she steps outside the box.  It grows beyond the boundaries of a standard photograph; and gives the viewer another perspective in how to see the world and the image she captured.

You can find her work during a variety of gallery showings, along with additional websites. Her work has been featured nationally as a part of Bombay Sapphire's Artisan Series. She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her beloved husband, daughter and son. She is grateful for the support of her husband and family, along with all of her friends and colleagues. For additional information, please visit her contact page on this website.

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