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Alcohol Inking....

So.... as an ever evolving artist, I have always felt that it was important to try new things. The one unique experience I had, was consistently new mediums under my tutelage with my art teacher Beverly. She always had something new for me to try and experiment with to see where my passion is. I can only assume that is why I find beauty in all types of art and believe that anyone can create art.

Saying all that, leads me to this.... I have ventured into a new artistic medium, using alcohol inks to create abstract art. I purchased about 30 colors, along with the required paper and began to experiment. The first few tries was all about my learning how to use the ink and to see how the colors looked on paper. How to use rubbing alcohol to further enhance the inks, from using droplets of ink and even putting alcohol in a spray bottle to create a unique look. Layering the different colors to see how they worked with each other.

After playing, I decided to create my first project and I was pretty happy with the final outcome.

I love how the colors mingle with one another and I used the spray bottle, along with drops of rubbing alcohol to add texture to the piece. After completing this, I also created another image that you can find on my website, but it also gave me the idea that I'd like to combine alcohol inks and my zentangle designs into one mixed media work. So stay tuned for that!

All in all, let's just say, I love working with alcohol inks and I'm excited for the new work to come out of the use of this medium.

My one final thought would be that I would always encourage you to try something new.... you might just like it!

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