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My Cheerleader

It's been almost 6 months since I lost my mom.

It's hard to live a life without her in it, but I know that she would want me to keep going and to be happy.

My mom was my biggest cheerleader, she supported me to no avail. Along with my husband, they wanted me to pursue my passion and delve into my creative side. My mom enrolled me in private art classes when I was about 10 years old. She recognized the love I had for the arts. I studied privately for almost a decade and then I stopped. I didn't believe (because I was told that I couldn't) that I'd never make it as an artist.

When my husband first saw one of my drawings, we were newlyweds. He was floored that I never showed him before what I could do. The combination of his push and my mom's cheerleading allowed me to think about being creative again. I began drawing, dabbling in graphic arts, painting watercolors, photography and eventually zentangles.

My mom and I took a zentangle class a few years ago and she began to do them with my stepdad, who is an amazing watercolor artist. They began collaborating work and she would entwine her tangles into his watercolors. About a year and a half ago, I decided to take up doing zentangles with her encouragement. She was floored by my technique, praising my work. She was my mom and probably, most likely a little biased. But that praise, pushed me to continue developing and working on my new found passion in zentangles.

When she died, I stopped again. I couldn't do it. Then one morning, a pattern hit me. I wanted to tangle the sun. As I think about it, it was the warmth of her love shining down on me to give me the idea to do it.

My mom loved that I was an artist. She knew it was my passion and encouraged me to pursue it. Because of that love and the continued support of my beloved husband (who is also my biggest cheerleader, the love of my love and my champion), I will continue to push on and live my passion. Hopefully one day live my best life, right now it is hard to live without her in it. But just as the sun rises each day and warms the earth. I feel her love warming my soul and my spirit. So each day, I push on and grow my determined to continue drawing, taking photographs and painting. To continue sharing with those who want to see it and to those who purchase, I am beyond humbled that you choose to have my passion in your home.

I have attached "El Sol" which is the first image that came to me after my mom's passing.

And just so you know Ma, I know you are up there watching, my mind is overflowing with different ideas and new work. Thank you for being a wonderful mother, my love and gratitude for you is neverending.



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