Zentangles is an art form based on patterns, shading and in essence, optical illusions. My zentangles comes in many forms from abstracts to wildlife. A creative stroke here, a mix of patterns there, lots of shapes and shadows. I can get lost in the world of Zentangles. Just as the name suggests.... a feeling of "zen" comes over as I create my work. .One of the most popularly featured ways to see zentangles across the internet are mandalas (soon, I'll create one of those too). Zentangles is the newest medium that I have begun to create art work. I keep practicing and creating new pieces such as the ones you see displayed here (just as I continue to learn and practice in photography/digital art and watercolors). Most of the originals are available for purchase or you can purchase a print (printed on textured lustre paper). Custom framing is also available. For more information, please contact me with any questions.