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Kodie B. Radden is a beautiful 13 year old girl who loves all the things a young teen should love... brownies with ice cream, pandas, shopping, the color pink, travel, building legos, clothes and most important, her family and spending time together.

What doesn't she love? Cancer. Kodie has been fighting cancer since her diagnosis in March of 2020. Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, she has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy, surgery that removed her femur and physical therapy. We all thought that Kodie had won her fight, but recently her parents received the news that the cancer was back. Unable to receive traditional medical care, her parents have begun holistic and alternative medicines that have been recommended to help Kodie finally beat her cancer. As you can imagine, taking care of your child who has cancer is challenging enough, but the financial burden can be overwhelming. With Kodie undergoing holistic treatments, that's not covered by insurance, the cost of treatment and her overall care the expense is staggering.  The only concern of her parents should be championing Kodie's fight not how much everything will cost.

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There are a couple of ways that you can help!


We have created the "Kodie Bee" tee.  The design is a "bee" for her middle initial and the bee is full of inspiring words that mean a lot to Kodie... words like MOTIVATED, LOVING, BEE-LIEVE, EMPOWERED, HOPEFUL, KIND and so many more. 100% of the proceeds from the tee will be given to the Radden family for the care and healing that Kodie needs during this time.  The tees comes in many colors and sizes from toddler to adult.

The second way you can contribute is through her GO FUND ME page.

Either way you choose to help... it is sincerely appreciated by Kodie, her mom and dad, sisters and entire family.  We all desire to see Kodie live her best life.


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Go Fund Me Page