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Waves Against Copper Rocks

Updated: Jun 30, 2022


We had an opportunity to visit La Jolla, California in August and as a creative with a camera in tow, I captured quite a few pictures. Some will serve as inspiration for my watercolors and zentangles, but mostly I can finally create new photography pieces. It's been a while with the pandemic, I normally have an opportunity to travel and with the pictures, I create new photographic art.

I was fascinated with the waves crashing against the rocks. I took several pictures and each will soon turn into artwork. With this piece, I loved the color of the rocks, they looked absolutely golden.

Let's look at the original.

So playing around in photoshop, I bumped up that color along with playing around with several different components and created this panoramic.

It turned out amazingly beautiful. So golden and coppery. It's a phenomenal statement piece to add to any collection (or even start one).


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