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New Zentangle Art Coming!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I have been working on two new zentangle pieces the past couple of weeks. Since the beginning of the year, I have focused heavily on creating new watercolor pieces. I thought it was due time to create new pieces.... I am so very excited about it, I thought it was time to share my progress.

The first piece is an octopus. There is a documentary on Netflix called "My Octopus Teacher." I will admit that I have yet to watch it since I found out that the ending is sad. Maybe one day, I'll watch it. Seeing how popular this documentary has become, all over social media and then winning an Academy Award, I couldn't help myself from drawing it (I plan on painting one as well).

Here's a look at my octopus thus far.


I've also been playing around with a Sugar Skull ( beside it is the little sketch that I drew to prepare).

It has to be one of my favorite pieces that I've been working on. My hopes was to have it completed by Halloween, but with the intricacies of the piece (and not wanting to mess anything up), its taking longer. But that just means that it will be worth the wait. I plan on adding metallic details to it as well. I'm currently mapping out that plan in my head. I know for sure that I will add pops of gold.

I've been adding details to make it look like a typical sugar skull along with combining my favorite patterns. My intent is to make it truly my own and reflect my style. Drawing this skull has been both challenging and fun.

Look out for the finished piece! I will definitely share it on my social media accounts and will have it available on my website.


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