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New Art Medium?

I've always been fascinated by the idea of combining the two artistic mediums that I create: Watercolors and Zentangles. A while ago, I created a piece with that thought in mind and it's now hanging in one of my bestie's (Hey Terri!) salon. She's a pretty big fan of my art and I can now honestly say, she's a bit of a collector. It's great to have someone who loves and supports you.

In the piece "HAIR," it was more about the Zentangles, I used watercolor to make the black and white tangles pop. What I didn't realize at the time, is the seed that was planted in my head. I love the idea of combining both. In my most recent applications of this process, I add more water throughout the works and this actually includes the Zentangles. These pieces have turned out so well, that as an artist, I'm dedicated to creating in this combined style moving forward. This is not to say that I won't work solely in Watercolors or solely in Zentangles, because there are moments when my artistic spirit pull me there. But I know in my core that combining the two styles sings to my soul. It engages my imagination and feeds the creative spirit within me.

Let me introduce you to my three recent creations that implement this mixed work:

"That Stare" is a combination of Zentangles, Watercolors and Acrylics (in the form of the popular Posca marker). This a mandrill and it is an animal that I've wanted to paint for a while. But when I initially put the first layer down, I abandoned the piece. I wasn't sure if I could complete it. After a while, I looked at it again and decided to try out adding Zentangle patterns and using pops of acyrlic white. Upon completion, it was love. True love. The end result was a colorful mix of patterns, textures and creative fun.

"That Stare" is available for purchase.

Next up is "Acquainted." Similar to "That Stare," my original intention was to solely paint it. I actually drew this out and added the first layer of paint at the same time as "That Stare." But again, the inspiration to keep at just wasn't there. I wasn't initially sure if I could add Zentangles to the piece and have it come out successfully. But I figured, it's either going to sit and never get finished or I could go ahead and try out the combo style. I knew that "HAIR," came out beautifully, so I went ahead and added the Zentangle patterns, to finish and enhance the look I added metallic ink and acrylic paint to the piece. Final thought, she is a beauty (and available to purchase).

Finally, "Tutti Frutti." At this point, I was all in. I wanted my personality and imagination to flow freely, so I organically added aspects to the piece after the subject matter (protea flowers) were drawn and filled with patterns. I added more patterns, metallics and acrylic paint to create a vibrant and interesting piece. Again, love at first sight. Lots of love and interest in this one. If you want it for yourself, you better grab it quick!

Be sure to follow me on social media or subscribe to my website. More work is in progress and will make it's debut soon.

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